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padding:35px 0 0 0; position:relative; width:100%; } .content{ position: relative; float:left; width:620px; padding:0 35px 0 0; } .fullwidth .content{ width:100%; padding:0; margin:0; background: transparent none; } .sidebar{ position: relative; width:220px; float:left; padding:20px 0 40px 35px; } .fullwidth .sidebar{ display:none; } .entry{ position: relative; overflow: hidden; clear:both; width:100%; float: left; } /*column widths for fullwidth pages and reduced width pages*/ #top .wrapper .center .last{ margin-right:0px; } /*Reduced width: eg pages with sidebars*/ .one_fourth, .box_small{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; font-size:12px; line-height:1.7em; margin-right:23px; width:137px;} .one_third{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; margin-right:23px; width:191px; } .one_half{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; margin-right:23px; width:298px; } .three_fourth{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; font-size:12px; margin-right:23px; width:460px; } .two_third{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; margin-right:23px; width:406px; } /*Fullwidth*/ .fullwidth .one_fourth, .fullwidth .box_small{width:200px;} .fullwidth .one_third{width:288px;} .fullwidth .one_half{width: 443px;} .fullwidth .three_fourth{width:677px;} .fullwidth .two_third{width:599px;} .portfolio .box{clear:none;} /************************************************************************ -) HEAD *************************************************************************/ #wrapper_head{ position: relative; z-index: 100; overflow: visible; } #top .logo, .logo a{ display:block; height:94px; width:247px; position:relative; left:0px; top:0px; border: none; padding: 0; margin:0; } #top .logo a, #top .logo a:hover{ top:0; left:0; text-indent:-9999px; outline:none; border: none; } #top #head .logoimg, #top #head .logoimg a, #top #head .logoimg a img{ text-indent:0; background-image: none; border:none; margin:0 0 -20px 0; } /*navigation*/ #top .nav{ height:30px; line-height:30px; padding-left:13px; right:5px; position:absolute; z-index:100; } .nav, .nav ul{ margin:0; padding:0; list-style-type:none; list-style-position:outside; position:relative; line-height:50px; z-index:5; } #top .nav a{ height:30px; line-height:30px; display:block; padding:0 15px; text-decoration:none; text-align:center; outline:none; z-index:35; position:relative; float:left; font-family:Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif; font-size:15px; } #top .nav li{ float:left; position:relative; z-index:20; } #top .nav li li{ border-left:none; margin-top:0; border-top:1px solid; } #top .nav ul { display:none; left:0; position:absolute; top:29px; width:192px; border-width:1px; border-style: solid; border-bottom: none; } #top .nav li ul a{ width:150px; height:auto; float:left; text-align:left; border-bottom-width:1px; border-bottom-style: solid; line-height:24px; padding:4px 21px; font-size: 12px; } #top .nav ul ul{ top:auto; } #top .nav li ul ul { left:192px; top:-2px; } #top .nav li:hover ul ul, #top .nav li:hover ul ul ul,#top .nav li:hover ul ul ul ul{ display:none; } #top .nav li:hover ul, #top .nav li li:hover ul, #top .nav li li li:hover ul, #top .nav li li li li:hover ul{ display:block; } /*background pointer*/ /* Represents the background of the highlighted menu-item. */ #top .nav li.back { width: 9px; height: 30px; z-index: 8; position: absolute; top:20px !important; top:39px; /*ie6fix*/ } #top .nav li.back .left { height: 30px; margin-right: 9px; } /************************************************************************ -) FEATURED *************************************************************************/ .slideshow{ height:390px; /*this changes the height of the main image slider*/ width:910px; overflow: hidden; position: relative; } .featured, .fadeout { height:390px; } .slideshow li, .slideshow .featured{ display: block; width:100%; height:100%; position: absolute; top:0; left:0; z-index: 1; } .js_active .slideshow li, .js_active .slideshow .featured{ display:none; } #top .slideshow img, #top .slideshow a img, #top .slideshow a{ border:none; text-decoration: none; display: block; } #top .slideshow a{ height:100%; width:100%; display: block; } .slidecontrolls { float:left; margin:10px auto 0; position:absolute; right:0; z-index: 100; } .slidecontrolls a{ height:20px; width:14px; display:block; cursor: pointer; float:left; outline: none; } .feature_excerpt strong{ display: block; font-size: 15px; padding-bottom: 3px; } /*Cleancut*/ #top .fancyborder{position: absolute; z-index:99; display:block;} #top .fancyborder_top{top:0; left:10px; height:10px; width:100%; right:auto; bottom:auto;} #top .fancyborder_left{bottom:10px; left:0; height:100%; width:10px; right: auto; top: auto;} #top .fancyborder_right{top:10px; right:0; height:100%; width:10px; left:auto; bottom:auto;} #top .fancyborder_bottom{bottom:0; right:10px; height:10px; width:100%; top:auto; left:auto;} .feature_wrap { padding-top:35px; position:relative; width:100%; } #feature_info { position:relative; } #feature_info .text { padding:0 0 20px; width:680px; } #top #feature_info .big_button{ position: absolute; /*top: 83px;*/ right:-11px; float: none; left: auto; } .big_button, .big_button strong, .big_button:hover{ display: block; height:58px; line-height: 52px; float: left; text-decoration: none; outline: none; cursor: pointer; } .big_button strong{ font-size:15px; margin:0 0 0 37px !important; margin:0 0 0 18px; padding:0 80px 0 18px; } .featured object{ z-index: 1; position: relative; } .entry .slidecontrolls{ margin:0; } /*smaller slideshows in content area*/ #top .entry .feature_wrap { padding:4px 4px 35px; position:relative; width:auto; } #top .medium_sized_slider, #top .medium_sized_slider .featured{ width:610px; height:260px; position: relative; } #top .entry .slidecontrolls { bottom:-12px; left:4px; position:relative !important; z-index:10; top:auto; } .featured_inside { overflow:hidden; position:relative; width:910px; } /*-------------------*/ /*defaults*/ .feature_wrap{ position: relative; } #top .feature_excerpt{ width:850px; position: absolute; display: none; bottom: 0; left:0; z-index: 3; padding:20px 30px 30px 30px; font-size: 11.5px; line-height:1.5em; } #top a .feature_excerpt{ cursor: pointer; } #top .sliderheading{ display:block; font-size: 26px; font-weight: normal; } .sliderdate{ display:none; } #top .featured_inside a, #top .featured_inside a img, #top .featured_inside img, #top .featured_inside object{ text-decoration: none; border:none; outline: none; padding: 0; } .bottom_right_rounded_corner, .bottom_left_rounded_corner, .top_right_rounded_corner, .top_left_rounded_corner{ display: block; width:5px; height:5px; position: absolute; z-index: 2100; } .featured_inside a:hover{ text-decoration: none; } .bottom_right_rounded_corner{bottom:20px; right:0} .bottom_left_rounded_corner{bottom:20px; left:0} .top_right_rounded_corner{top:0; right:0} .top_left_rounded_corner{top:0; left:0} #top .featured_inside .rel_pos{ position: relative; } #wrapper_heading{ padding:40px 0; } #wrapper_heading h2{ font-size: 30px; padding:0; margin:0 0 7px 0; } /*accordion*/ .accordion .featured{ width:670px; } #top .accordion .feature_excerpt, #top .accordion .position_excerpt{ width:630px; } #top .accordion .feature_excerpt{ display:block; } #top .accordion .heading_clone{ position: absolute; z-index: 5; bottom:20px; left:20px; font-size: 13px; text-transform: uppercase; padding:0; margin: 0; } /*newsslider*/ #top .newsselect{ position: absolute; overflow: hidden; width:240px; right:0px; top:0px; z-index: 6; display: block; left:auto; } #top .newsslider .newsItems{ position: absolute; top:0; left:0; } #top .newsslider .feature_excerpt, #top .newsslider .position_excerpt{ width:610px; } #top .newsslider .featured{ border:none; width:670px; } #top .newsselect .sliderheading{ font-size:13px; font-weight: bold; padding: 0; } #top .newsselect .single_item{ padding:15px 10px; display: block; text-decoration: none; line-height: 1.3em; height:auto; width:auto; cursor: pointer; outline: none; } #top .newsslider .fadeout{ right:155px; } #top .newsselect .sliderdate{ display:block; font-size: 11px; } /************************************************************************ -) FOOTER *************************************************************************/ #footer_inside{ clear:both; padding-bottom:35px; } #footer_outside{ font-size:11px; line-height:16px; margin:0 auto; overflow:auto; padding:15px 0 18px; position:relative; width:910px; } .copyright{ float:left; padding-left:3px; } .social_bookmarks{ border:medium none; display:block; float:right; list-style-type: none; list-style-position: outside; } .social_bookmarks li { float:left; margin:0 7px 0 0; width:16px; } .social_bookmarks li a { border:medium none; display:block; float:left; height:16px; padding:0; text-indent:-9999px; width:16px; outline: none; } .box_entry .alignleft{ margin:11px 10px 0 0; } /************************************************************************ -) SIDEBAR *************************************************************************/ .widget{ clear: both; } #top .sidebar .box{ float:none; margin:0; padding-bottom:35px; width:210px; } .sidebar li { list-style-type:none; } /*sidebar nesting and hiding of indent lists*/ .sidebar .widget_recent_entries a, .sidebar .widget_categories a, .sidebar .widget_pages a, .sidebar .widget_meta a, .sidebar .widget_archive a , .sidebar .widget_nav_menu a, .sidebar .widget_links a{ display:block; line-height:22px; padding:3px 10px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-width: 1px; } .sidebar h3 { border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-width: 1px; font-size: 17px; margin-bottom:3px; } #top .sidebar .widget_text a , #top .sidebar .widget_tag_cloud a { background:none; border:none; text-decoration: underline; } .sidebar .box ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 25px; } .sidebar .box ul ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 40px; } .sidebar .box ul ul ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 55px; } .sidebar .box ul ul ul ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 70px; } .sidebar .box ul ul ul ul ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 85px; } .sidebar .box ul ul ul ul ul ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 100px; } .sidebar .box ul ul ul ul ul ul ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 115px; } .sidebar .box ul ul ul ul ul ul ul ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 130px; } .sidebar .box ul ul ul ul ul ul ul ul ul ul a{ padding:3px 10px 3px 145px; } .sidebarmenu .current{ font-weight: bold; } .sidebarmenu ul ul, .sidebarmenu .currentli_item ul ul, .sidebarmenu .parentli_item .li_item ul{ display:none; } .sidebarmenu .currentli_item ul, .sidebarmenu .parentli_item ul{ display: block; } .sidebar .sidebar_bottom { bottom:-1px; top:auto; } .sidebar_top, .sidebar_bottom { display:block; height:70px; left:0; position:absolute; top:0; width:280px; z-index:1; } .sidebar div { position:relative; z-index:2; } #top .sidebar .entry h4, #top .sidebar .entry h3, #top .sidebar .entry a, #top .sidebar table a{ border:none; background: none; padding:0; margin:0; } #top .sidebar .box_entry{ margin:0 0 10px; padding:0 0 7px; } /*--------------------calendar--------------------*/ #wp-calendar a, #wp-calendar a:visited { display:block; text-decoration:none; padding:0; border:none; width:auto; } #wp-calendar a:hover{ display:block; } #wp-calendar { empty-cells: show; width:100%; text-align:center; } #wp-calendar #next a,#wp-calendar #prev a { text-decoration:none; display:block; background: none; border:none; } #wp-calendar #next a:hover,#wp-calendar #prev a:hover { } #wp-calendar caption { margin-bottom:5px; } /************************************************************************ -) CONTENT AREA *************************************************************************/ /*pagination*/ #top .pagination { clear:both; padding:0 0 60px 0; position:relative; z-index:3; } #top .pagination span, #top .pagination a { display:block; float:left; font-size:11px; line-height:13px; margin: 2px 2px 2px 0; padding:6px 9px 5px 9px; text-decoration:none; width:auto; } #top .pagination .current{ font-size:11px; padding:6px 9px 5px 9px; } .entry-content{ position: relative; } .entry-head { font-size:11px; margin-bottom:20px; position:relative; } .categories, .comments, .entry-head a, .more-link, #top .portfolio_item h3 a { padding:4px 0; text-decoration:none; } #top .entry-head a, .more-link, .entry .date { padding:4px 6px; } .comments span{ padding:0px 6px; } .hr{ padding:35px 0; position: relative; clear: both; display:block; } .hr a{ position: absolute; right:0; top:13px !important; top:-2px; /*ie6fix*/ padding-right:0; font-size: 11px; } /*portfolio*/ #top .portfolio{ overflow: hidden; } div .more-link{ display: block; width:78px; text-align: center; margin-top:5px; padding: 2px 3px 1px 3px; font-size: 11px; line-height:23px; } #top .portfolio_entry{ position: static; } #top .portfolio_entry .one_fourth{ padding-bottom:50px; } /*portfolio sort buttons*/ #js_sort_items{ width: 100%; position: relative; float: left; visibility: hidden; padding-top:6px; } #js_sort_items div{ display: block; float: left; font-size: 11px; line-height: 24px; } #js_sort_items span{ display: block; float: left; margin-right:4px; } #js_sort_items a{ display: block; float: left; padding:0px 14px; margin-right:10px; outline: none; } .sort_by_val{ padding-left:20px; } /*shortcode toggle*/ .js_active .toggle{ display:none; } #top .activetoggle{ display:block; } .js_active .toggler{ cursor:pointer; margin:2px 0; padding:3px 3px 5px 27px; } .toggle_content{ padding:0 2px 0 31px; } .js_active .tab_content{ display: none; clear: both; padding: 15px; overflow:auto; } .js_active .tab{ cursor:pointer; margin:0 2px 0 0; padding:3px 10px 5px; display: block; float: left; border-bottom: none; z-index: 2; position: relative; top:1px; } .js_active #top .active_tab{ z-index: 4; position: relative; border-bottom: none; } .js_active #top .active_tab_content{ display: block; z-index: 3; position: relative; overflow:auto; } /************************************************************************ COMMENTS *************************************************************************/ #top .commentlist{ float:left; width:100%; padding: 0 0 30px 0; border:none; } #top .commentlist .comment{ list-style-type: none; list-style-position: outside; width:100%; position: relative; display: block; float: left; padding: 10px 0 0 0; margin: 10px 0 0 0; border:none; background: none; } #top .commentlist ul{ border:none; } .gravatar{ float:left; width:72px; padding-right:20px; font-size: 11px; text-decoration: none; text-align: center; position: relative; } .comment_content{ float:right; padding:18px 18px 30px; position:relative; width:490px; } .children .children .comment_content{ width:445px; } .children .children .children .comment_content{ width:400px; } .children .children .children .children .comment_content{ width:355px; } .children .children .children .children .children .comment_content{ width:310px; } .author_name, .author_name a, .author_name a:hover{ font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; text-decoration: none; font-style: normal; float:left; } .commentmetadata { float:left; font-size:11px; line-height:26px; padding-left:12px; } .says{ position: absolute; left:-13px; top:18px; display: block; height:24px; width:13px; text-indent: -9999px; } .comment_text{ clear: both; font-size: 12px; } .comment-edit-link{ font-size:11px; display: inline-block; padding-left:20px; } #top .comment-reply-link{ font-size: 11px; text-decoration: none; position: absolute; display: block; padding:0px 7px; bottom: 0; left:0; } /*comment children*/ .children .gravatar { padding:0; position:absolute; right:20px; top:0; width:42px; z-index:2; } .children .gravatar img{ width:30px; height:30px; } .children .says{ display:none; } #cancel-comment-reply-link{ display:inline-block; font-size:11px; padding:0 0 0 18px; text-decoration:none; } /*input fields*/ .personal_data p{ float:left; width:33%; } .personal_data label{ display:none; } .message_data textarea{ width:95%; padding:10px; font-size:12px; font-family: Arial, Helevtica, Verdana, san-serif; } .text_input, .button{ padding:7px; font-size:12px; font-family: Arial, Helevtica, Verdana, san-serif; } .button{ padding:7px 12px; } .personal_data .text_input{ width:91%; } .children .personal_data .text_input{ } /************************************************************************ -) TESTIMONIALS *************************************************************************/ #testimonial{ clear:both; position: relative; } #testimonial .quote{ height:60px; width:60px; position: absolute; z-index: 5; top:52px; left:0; } .testimonial_slides{ clear:both; float:left; position:relative; width:100%; margin-top:0px; } #testimonial h1{ float:left; line-height:60px; padding: 0; } .testimonial_author_pics{ float:right; position: relative; padding-bottom:18px; } .testimonial_author_pics a, .testimonial_author_pics img { float:left; display: block; } .testimonial_author_pics img{ height:60px; width:60px; } .testimonial_author_pics img{ padding:3px; } .testimonial_author_pics a{ margin-left: 5px !important; margin-left:2.5px; /*ie6fix*/ padding:1px; outline: none; } .testimonial_arrow{ width:24px; height:12px; position: absolute; top:77px; left:23px; z-index: 10; } #testimonial .heading{ z-index: 5; position: relative; font-size: 15px; } #top .t_slide_active{ display:block; } #testimonial_sidebar{ padding-top:78px; } .testimonial_author{ font-style: italic; } .t_slide{ display: none; border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; padding:15px; clear: both; position: relative; width:567px; float: left; } .testimonial_img, .testimonial_img img{ border: none; display: block; float: left; z-index: 7; position: relative; width:150px; } .testimonial_img{ padding-top:34px; } #top .testimonial_img:hover img{ border:none; } .testimonial_entry{ padding-left:20px; font-size: 12px; z-index: 5; position: relative; float: left; width: 395px; } /************************************************************************ -) GENERIC *************************************************************************/ .lightbox_video, .lightbox_image{ position: absolute; z-index: 1; top:0; left:0; } a img, a:hover img{ z-index: 2; position: relative; border: 1px solid; } .entry img{ padding:4px; display:block; /*border:1px solid;*/ } .fullwidth .entry img{ max-width: 900px; } a{ text-decoration: none; } a:hover{ text-decoration: underline; } h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, legend, .sliderheading { font-weight:bold; letter-spacing:0.4px; line-height:1.4em; padding-bottom:5px; position:relative; font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif; } h1{clear:both; font-size:34px; font-weight:normal; margin-bottom:0px; padding-bottom:0px;} h2{font-size:24px; clear:both; font-weight:normal; margin-bottom:0px; padding-bottom:0px;} .entry h2{font-size: 28px;} h3, legend{font-size:15px; clear:both; margin-bottom:5px;} h4{font-size:14px; clear:both; margin-bottom:5px;} h5{font-size:13px; clear:both; margin-bottom:0px; padding-bottom:0px;} h6{font-size:12px; clear:both;margin-bottom:0px; padding-bottom:0px;} .entry h1, .entry h2, .entry h3, .entry h4, .entry h5, .entry h6{ padding-top:10px; } h1 a:hover, h2 a:hover, h3 a:hover, h4 a:hover, h5 a:hover, h6 a:hover{text-decoration: none;} #top .siteheading{font-size: 28px;margin-bottom:10px; padding:10px 0;} p{ padding: 0.5em 0;} #main ul,#main ol { margin-bottom:10px; } .pullquote_right { float:right; margin:2% 0 2% 4%; padding:0 0 0 70px; width:40%; } .pullquote_left { float:left; margin:2% 4% 2% 0; padding:0 0 0 70px; width:40%; } blockquote { font-family:Georgia,"Times New Roman",Times,serif; clear:both; font-size:1.2em; font-style:italic; line-height:1.6em; margin:0 0 22px 0; padding:0 0 0 70px; } .floatleft{ float:left; } .floatright{ float:right; } .clearboth{ clear:both; } body .alignleft{ float:left; margin:5px 10px 0px 0; display: block; } body .alignright{ float:right; margin:5px 0px 0px 10px; display: block; } body .aligncenter{ clear:both; display:block; margin:10px auto; padding: 10px 0; } .alignleft img, .alignright img{ display:block; } .rounded{ -moz-border-radius: 5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px; border-radius:5px; } .rounded_small, .button, .categories, .comments, .entry-head a, .more-link, #top .portfolio_item h3 a, #top .pagination span, #top .pagination a, #top .pagination .current, #js_sort_items a{ -moz-border-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-radius:2px; border-radius:2px; } #top .noborder, #top .noborder img{ border:none; padding:0; background: transparent; } .scrollTop{ float:right; display: block; padding: 0px 10px; outline: none; } .js_active .portfolio img{ visibility: hidden; } #top div .hidden{ display:none; } #top .wp-caption { margin:5px 15px 10px 0; border:1px solid; } #top .wp-caption img { border:medium none; display:block; margin:0 auto; padding-top:5px; } .wp-caption-text { display:block; font-size:11px; font-style:italic; margin:0 auto; padding:3px 0 5px; text-align:center; width:95%; } .entry ul li { list-style-type:none; padding:3px 0px 3px 10px; } .entry ol li{ list-style-type: decimal; list-style-position: inside; padding:3px 0px 3px 0; } pre{ padding:20px; margin:15px 0; font-family: "Andale Mono", "Courier New", Courier, Monaco, monospace; } .dropcap1{ display:block; float:left; font-size:40px; line-height:40px; margin:4px 8px 0 0; } .dropcap2{ display:block; float:left; font-size:24px; line-height:42px; width:40px; 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Founded in 2009, Big Fish Network Solutions was founded on three key beliefs:



  • Harness technology to work for your business
  • Innovative thinking that fits your specific situation
  • Design scalable solutions that will grow with you and your business


  • Provide personal service to you and your employees, regardless to the size of your organization
  • Customized terms of service according to budget and goals
  • Single point of contact for all of your needs


  • Monitoring IT resources with a proactive approach. Minimizing down time and enabling business continuity
  • Implementing Virtualization solutions to better utilize servers & storage resources
  • Partnering with leading manufacturers and service providers to ensure high level of service and Products


As technology continues to be an essential part of businesses of all sizes, we provide our partners with more than raw technical support. We provide tailored solutions. This is our way to ensure that you will have the right tools working for your business.


Our current clientele is composed of various size businesses in a range of industries such as: Law Medical, Automotive, Entertainment, Hospitality, Logistics, Travel, Private Equity and more.